What to Expect When Touring around Cirebon – West Java

Last July in Indonesia was festive holiday and we have like one week day off. Other than spending it only for homecoming, usually Indonesian spends their off time touring around their home town. In my case, this was first time for me to come visited Cirebon.

Cirebon is a small city located in a port city on the north coast of the Indonesian island of Java. Mostly famous with their Batik and Keraton. My trip was a half day short using car from Kuningan to Cirebon which takes around 2 hours with moderate traffic.

First destination is Keraton Kasepuhan

The Keraton Kasepuhan is the oldest keraton (sultan’s palace) in the Indonesian city of Cirebon. It is the residence of the Sultan of Kasepuhan. It was built in 1447 and its architecture and interior are a blend of SundaneseJavaneseIslamicChinese and Dutch styles.

Main entrance of Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon

Entrance fee is around 20,000 IDR for Indonesian. Tips : please take a guide with you so you understand the historical story of the Keraton Kasepuhan (you can give them tips by end of tour)

Photo 6-29-17, 10 00 51 AM
Main gate to Keraton’s garden
Photo 6-29-17, 10 19 49 AM
Gate to inside inner side of Keraton
Photo 6-29-17, 10 34 07 AM
Apologize for our scorching face 😛

To my surprise, the sultan and main family still lives in the palace and several main sections are open to the public. Also now they have specific museum to showcase historic items.

Photo 6-29-17, 10 18 23 AM

Photo 6-29-17, 10 53 14 AM
Museum Pusaka Keraton Kasepuhan
Photo 6-29-17, 10 41 24 AM
Traditional Wagon


Moving to lunch time we tried local cuisine named Empal Gentong, famous ones was Empal Gentong Krucuk which located near Krucuk Park. Empal Gendong is sort of soup with beef, beef stock, coconut milk and local herbs which usually eat with rice. Beside Empal Gentong you can order Beef Satay and Tahu Gejrot (stinky tofu).

empal gentong crucuk
courtesy Empal Gentong Krucuk

This Empal Gentong Krucuk is really packed with people therefore you must be patience to wait although sometimes there’s no exact waiting list.

Courtesy Cirebon Trust
Courtesy Cirebon Trust


When visiting Cirebon you must try to look at local Batik store. Batik is a fabric which made either by drawing dots and lines of the resist with a spouted tool called a canting or by printing the resist with a copper stamp called a cap. In summary you can say that Batik is a traditional local fabric which really high appreciated in local and international due to their historical value and story behind every pattern.

I visited most famous and crowded store name Batik Trusmi. I have quite traumatic experience while visiting this place due to its crazy traffic. Which causing me to spend extra time around 1.5hr to get there and another 1hr to get back.

courtesy Cipika Store ID
courtesy tripadvisor - trusmi
courtesy tripadvisor – trusmi
Cortesy Pergi Dulu
Courtesy Pergi Dulu

My review on Batik Trusmi is that the good batik with nice pattern and fabric quality are really expensive about up to 500K IDR ($35). But there are another cheap ones which only cost start from 50K IDR ($3-$4) which variety between clothes, skirt, merchandise (wallet, bag, hat) and they even have traditional Javanese toys.

You can visit their online story and collection in this link : https://www.ebatiktrusmi.com/

courtesy batik trusmi
courtesy Batik Trusmi




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