Taste of Heaven in Jimbaran – Bali

Is this how heaven supposed to be like? Wind breeze slowly, birds sing beautifully, waves dancing in front of me. I don’t want to go back to daily busy life and eager to stay in this heaven on earth.

That phrase alone could summarize my feeling while spending one day trip in Jimbaran – Bali.

Away from Kuta’s hip and happening situation but strategically near airport and other public services, Jimbaran area is perfect place to spend your love to beach and good hospitality. I choose to spend one day at Intercontinental Bali Resort. My expectation was only finding place where my family could gather and relax. Well the reality was beyond than expectation.

Great Value

  1. It’s a beach front hotel. Jimbaran beach might be a public beach but definitely clean and the waves not so harsh so you can still enjoy swimming, building sand castle and of course sun bathing.
  2. Every corner is Instagram material. No bad spot in this hotel for sure. Every corner is build for aesthetics purpose that definitely Instagram material, from entrance to every corner of their building. My favorite is lied down swinging under coconut trees while enjoying sunset with back sound of waves and bird chirping. Absolutely amazing!
  3. Diverse entertainment. Nature is not the only entertainment you can enjoy. I found like 4 swimming pools and 1 kids pool complete with sun loungers. If you can’t help the heat, there is fresh young coconut for 50K IDR ($4) or a homemade gelato for around 30K IDR ($2) per scoop and by noon usually hotel staff will deliver some complimentary fruit. By the end of day, there is traditional Balinese music performance near pool and they get circle around hotel garden.
  4. Great hospitality. I must admit that Intercontinental Resort is the best hospitality that I ever experience in my whole life visiting Bali. The staff is very friendly and understanding with out needs, even my son really like the staff attention and keeps asking for more paper for his drawing haha


Need upgrading

  1. Pool drain. I found that side drain in main swimming pool (the ones near beach) is not working. There are few small plastics so it’s gross and need more attention.
  2. Food price. I’m so shock with their local food pricing i.e 200K IDR ($15) for Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) it like 3 times more expensive than in local Indonesia casual dining restaurant and like 13 times more expensive than ordinary food street. Other food taste is OK, but I need to check their Japanese Restaurant due I heard it was an award winning.

Note: mostly picture taken from Intercontinental website but I experience same admiration like in their picture.


Courtesy Intercontinental Bali 7
courtesy InterContinental Bali
Family Time
Family Time
its like 11AM #sweating
Playing Sand
Happy playing sand
Courtesy Intercontinental Bali 5
courtesy InterContinental Bali
Courtesy Intercontinental Bali
courtesy InterContinental Bali
Courtesy Intercontinental Bali 2
courtesy InterContinental Bali
Courtesy Intercontinental Bali 3
courtesy InterContinental Bali
Courtesy Intercontinental Bali 4
courtesy InterContinental Bali
Courtesy Intercontinental Bali 6
courtesy InterContinental Bali
Courtesy Intercontinental Bali 8
courtesy InterContinental Bali
Afternoon relaxing time
Relaxing afternoon
Sunset at Jimbaran



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