Survival Trick on Island of God – Bali Indonesia

Let me be straight forward, in Bali there are tons of tourist attraction and frequently they not located near with each other or even on remote area therefore often occurred unwanted accident. So what do you need to prepare when visiting Bali?

  1. Stay Safe
    1. Travel insurance, is a must with many options on water sport and attraction. Also hospital is not always around.
    2. Bring your own medication (legal ones!), it’s safer to bring from home rather than buying on Bali because it’s rare to find pharmacy store.
    3. Securing your belongings, carry only copies of your passports and travel documents also keep your valuables in a front-carry pouch (leave the originals locked up in your hotel room deposit box)
    4. Tons of sublock, apply high-SPF sunscreen to forestall the agony of UV-burned skin; SPF (sun protection factor) of no lower than 40 ought to be adequate for a Bali vacation. But lotion isn’t the only thing you can do to protect from sunburn; these tips for sun protection go beyond wearing sunscreen.
  2. Clear Travel Itinerary
    1. Bali have variety of area that serve different purpose i.e Kuta is wild at night, Seminyak has most beach clubs which more upper class, Ubud is laid back which more to art and natural lifestyle.
    2. Plan correctly so you could save time to explore more. Bali is an island and distances are crucial if you want to explore more than 2 areas, my suggestion is you visit one area per-day.
  3. Transportation
    1. Never self-ride a motorcycle if you don’t have international license or know local law.
    2. If you must and desperate to try self-ride motorcycle, please wear proper safety equipment. There are loads of traffic police that waiting to give ticketing when tourist specially foreigner that don’t have proper helmet / license.
    3. Get a car with driver. Seriously Bali has loads of area to be visit and roads that even maps sometimes not showing correctly. Better rent a car with driver which not cost much and you can use his knowledge to explore better.
  4. Money
    1. Visa and master most accepted in urban area (hotel & restaurant) while street vendor prefer cash only with IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
    2. Only exchange your money in authorized money changer, fake money and not correct exchange amount sometimes occurred if you exchanging in shady place
    3. Bargaining with street vendors is a must. But it’s also nice to respect and value their work, effort, and services, and to pay fair prices.

*) Picture are not own by me.


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