Handy Words When Travelling to Indonesia

Hello to you!

Through this post I’m sharing what Indonesian words (Bahasa Indonesia) that you need to master when you visiting to Indonesia.


Excuse = Permisi [per-m e-see]

Expensive = Mahal [mah-hahl]

Good morning (until 11am)  – Selamat pagi [se-lah-mutt par-ghee]

Good afternoon (until 3pm) – Selamat siang [se-la-mutt see-ahng]

Good evening (until 6pm)  – Selamat sore [se-la-mutt sore-ray]

Good night (at night from 6pm ish) –  Selamat malam [se-la-mutt mah-lahm]

Good night (before going to bed) – Selamat tidur [se-la-mutt ti-dur]

How much/many – Berapa [ber-ra-pa]

I want to go… – Saya mau pergi ke [sigh-yah mow (as in cow) purr-ghee ker]

I want ….. – Saya mau [sigh-yah mow]

I don’t want… – Saya tidak mau [sigh-yah ti-duck mow]

No – Tidak [ti-duck]

No, thank you – Tidak, terima kasih [ti-duck, ter-ri-mah car-see]

Please (when asking for help/bargaining) – Tolong [toh-long]

Thank You – Terima Kasih [ter-ree-mar car-see]

Two people – Dua orang [do-ah or-rung]

Where is … – Di mana [dee mah-nah]

You’re welcome – Kembali [kem-bali]



1 – Satu [sah-too]

2 – Dua [doo-ah)

3- Tiga [ti-gah]

4- Empat [em-putt)

5- Lima [lee-ma)]

6- Enam [e-num]

7- Tujuh [too-joo]

8- Delapan [del ah-pahn]

9- Sembilan [sem-bi-lahn]

10 – Sepuluh [se poo-loo]


For more complete article please visit https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g294225-s604/Indonesia:Important.Phrases.html

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